Waiting in the Wings

Here we introduce our Pre-Stage 1 Puppies.

Our Pre-Stage 1 Group has been designed to help aspiring Dog Teams to train towards the Introductory Assessment, the entry criteria to joining the Association. Once these puppy teams pass the Introductory Assessment they are then classed as Trainee Search Dog Teams and will start on the Stages that will lead (hopefully) to become one of our Graded Search Dog Teams. The puppies are supported and guided by the watchful eye and helpful advice of Jen Cartmel (https://www.clever-dogs.co.uk/), who offers up the latest in dog training methods. Jen comments, ‘I love the way that dog training is still evolving. The positive methods being used and encouraged in today’s training environments are producing lovely, happy, balanced dogs’,

Puppy Betty, Handler Joy Grindrod (Coniston MRT)

Joy Grindrod is a well experienced MRT member, long-standing member of LDMRSDA and an Association Assessor. She has trained two previous Search Dogs, Anna and Einich. Betty, a bonny Border Collie (born on the 1st Jan 2019), is Joy’s third dog and potential trainee. She is a lively and sweet natured dog with a strong mind, who is intelligent and learns quickly. Having trained two previous dogs it can sometimes be assumed that to train a third search dog will be an easy task, however Joy admits that every dog is different and brings with it a new set of challenges. Every day is a school day, especially with Betty! Watch this space.

Puppy Gaspode, Handler Thomas Ferrero (Duddon & Furness MRT)

Tom Ferrero is ‘new’ into Mountain Rescue, having joined in 2016. After becoming a full team member with Duddon, Tom then set his sights on the Search Dogs. He first started out as one of our ‘dogs’ bodies’, gathering advice from handlers before getting and beginning to train his first dog, Gaspode (born 31st Jan 2019). Named after a Terry Pratchett character (Gaspode is Foul Ole Ron’s thinking-brain-dog) Gaspode is an intelligent young golden Labrador who will do anything for food! Tom’s thirst for adventure is reflected in his dog, as Gaspode can always be seen to explore the training areas.

Puppy Jura, Handler John Leadbetter (Kendal MRT)

John Leadbetter is an Assessor with the Association. He is also our Pre-Stage 1 Coordinator and a Graded Handler with Search Dog Skye. John a long-standing member of LDMRSDA, has decided to see if his new puppy ‘Jura’ has what it needs to be a Mountain Rescue Search Dog. She comes from a good line in Working Trials, but also has some big paws to fill to follow her ‘house sister Skye’ (who has currently served over 10yrs and a graded Search dog).