The following dog teams are currently progressing through the training and assessment structure. They are not currently operational until they pass their assessments.

It takes on average 2-3 years to qualify as an operational team. Click on the picture to find out more about the handlers and their dogs.

(Penrith MRT)
Air Scenting Trainee Dog Team

Mike Evans has been a member of Penrith Mountain Rescue Team since 2014 and has been volunteering with various UKSAR teams since 2006. Fjell was born in July 2021. Her then owner wished to do something special by donating one of the litter of puppies to the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs Association and Fjell joined us at 8 weeks old. She started her basic training in January 2022 and graded into stage 1 in January 2023. Fjell is a high drive collie with a very good willingness to work. Her favourite game and reward is ‘tuggy’.

Jura, Handler John Leadbetter (Kendal MRT)

(Air Scenting Dog Team)

John Leadbetter is an Assessor with the Association. He is also our Pre-Stage 1 Coordinator and a Graded Handler with Search Dog Skye. John a long-standing member of LDMRSDA, has decided to see if his new puppy ‘Jura’ has what it needs to be a Mountain Rescue Search Dog. She comes from a good line in Working Trials, but also has some big paws to fill to follow her ‘house sister Skye’ (who has currently served over 10yrs and a graded Search dog).

(Kendal MRT)
Air Scenting Trainee Dog Team

John Dunbavin is one of the Association’s Assessors/Officers. He is also an Operational Graded Search Dog Team with his dog Cuillin. John has decided to train another (rare) English Shepherd. This breed of dog is new to the world of Search Dogs, not only in the Lake’s, but also with our sister associations. John D and Ceilidh (born 26 June 2018) are a dream to watch, and you can already see the strong bond developing between them. A perfect pair, quietly spoken John with the infectious, high pitch bark of Ceilidh. Some would say that this little girl has her owner wrapped around her little finger (paw). Ceilidh and John passed the Introductory Assessment and stock test at the March 2020 training weekend.