Call Out Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Call Out Time: 12:47 pm

Stood Down Time: 3:33 pm

Team / Agency: Keswick MRT

Full dogs / Local Dogs: Local Dog Team

Search Dogs Involved: Rona, Bracken, Beck

Call Out Details:

A couple with their two dogs became cragfast, somewhere off Halls Fell Ridge towards Doddick Gill. Team dog handlers who were with the Team took their dogs to assist with location if necessary. Two dogs searched up Doddick Gill from the bottom, while the third went up the main ridge with the Team.

Call Out Conclusion:

The couple had strayed into the top of Doddick Gill where they had no data signal, so it was not possible to use the SARLOC system to locate them. They were spotted by the Team Leader in the top half of the gill, and were assisted back to the main footpath along the ridge, where the dogs rejoined them.