Call Out Date: Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Call Out Time: 7:00 am

Stood Down Time:

Team / Agency: ["Wasdale MRT"]

Full dogs / Local Dogs: ["Full Dog Team"]

Search Dogs Involved: ["Rona","Beck","Skye"]

Call Out Details:

The third day (or night) of the search for the missing 28 year old, who by this time had been out in atrocious weather for over 48 hours. This involved over 80 rescuers from various Teams, and 11 search dogs, including some from the North East, Mid Pennine, Dales and Peak District areas of SARDA England. A Coastguard helicopter from Caernarfon was used to lift some of the dogs up to high level, whilst others made their way in from Eskdale.

Call Out Conclusion:

It was the group of dog handlers walking in up Eskdale who heard shouts for help near Scar Laithing, and they came across the missing man, alive but with both wrists broken from a fall, and other abrasions. He was mildly hypothermic, but in a remarkably good good state, considering how long he had been out. The helicopter which was lifting the north group of dogs, dropped them off, and flew down to pick the casualty up. He was stretchered to the aircraft, (picture) and flown to Furness General Hospital.