Call Out Date: Saturday, March 2, 2024

Call Out Time: 1:00 am

Stood Down Time: 4:00 am

Team / Agency: Keswick MRT

Full dogs / Local Dogs: Local Dog Team

Search Dogs Involved: Broch

Call Out Details:

Just after arriving back in base after the last callout, a report came in for Keswick MRT for an unconscious drunk man on the cumbrian way.

Call Out Conclusion:

Rob and Broch re deployed and joined up with a party form keswick team that had only just got off the hill form the last job and converged on the location given, he was not there but after a search by Broch he was found about 0.5km away. When Broch indicated at the body with his customary bark, it was answered with a rather loud and alarmed expletive from the sleeping individual! the team then walked him down to a waiting ambulance. Then end of a long few days