Call Out Date: Friday, December 18, 2020

Call Out Time: 4:00 pm

Stood Down Time: 4:32 pm

Team / Agency: Duddon & Furness MRT

Full dogs / Local Dogs: Full Dog Team

Search Dogs Involved: Marty, Brock, Fern, Jess, Morag

Call Out Details:

The team were called out to assist Duddon & Furness MRT search for a high risk missing person near Grizebeck.
Mike & Marty, Benny & Brock, Dave & Fern, Penny & Jess and Matt & Morag all set off to assist in the search whilst Rob & Rona, Chris & Beck and Martin & Isla stood by in case of further escalation.

Call Out Conclusion:

Whilst travelling to assist we were made aware that the missing person had be successfully located by the Duddon team. The missing person was able to walk off the hill with the team and then was assessed by an ambulance crew. A happy and successful ending.