Call Out Date: Sunday, December 2, 2018

Call Out Time: 12:09 pm

Stood Down Time: 2:01 pm

Team / Agency: Kendal MRST

Full dogs / Local Dogs: Local

Search Dogs Involved: Fern

Call Out Details:

Kendal MRST were called to a potential search for missing fell runner The app Phone Finder was used, but the fell runner was still moving. Consequently she was not found at the "Phone Find" location.

Call Out Conclusion:

However, the handler and navigator caught sight of her towards the top end of Kentmere Common. Search Dog Fern was unaware of that, ran on and located her anyway. The dog team warmed up the casualty, gave her some dry kit, food & drink, and ten walked her off to a Team vehicle near Kentmere Reservoir. She was then driven back to her own vehicle.