Call Out Date: Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Call Out Time: 6:20 pm

Stood Down Time: 12:40 am

Team / Agency: Keswick, Cockermouth, Wasdale MRTs

Full dogs / Local Dogs: Local dogs

Search Dogs Involved: Bracken, Isla, Rona,

Call Out Details:

At 1820, Wasdale, Cockermouth and Keswick MR teams were called to search for a missing 36 year old male fell runner who had become separated from his partner whilst attempting to run legs 3 and 4 of the Bob Graham Round. The runners had been descending from Red Pike heading for Little Scoat Fell at a height of around 750-850m when they became separated. When the bad weather arrived, the running partner backtracked to a point where he believed he would meet up with his partner but was unable to find him in the thick cloud. After searching for a considerable time in worsening weather, he eventually gave up and made his way over to Black Sail Pass. From here he was able to see Black Sail Youth Hostel and he made his way down to the hut and raised the alarm. Over 60 team members from Wasdale, Cockermouth and Keswick MR teams along with search dogs carried out a thorough search of all major footpaths and all obvious escape routes along the planned route in strong wind, heavy rain and thick cloud until approximately 0200 the next morning.

Call Out Conclusion:

No find at this point, search organised to resume at 0500 with further support.