Call Out Date: Saturday, January 21, 2017

Call Out Time: 11:03 am

Stood Down Time: 3:25 pm

Team / Agency: Wasdale MRT

Full dogs / Local Dogs: Full Dog Team

Search Dogs Involved: Ted, Cuillin, Isla, Bute

Call Out Details:

A car belonging to a vulnerable man was located in Eskdale. Wasdale MRT were asked to mount a search of the area, which was later extended to the Cockley Beck area after information was received. The dogs were asked to assist the team with a variety of search tasks; two further dogs, Dottie & Bracken stood by in case more were needed.

Call Out Conclusion:

The Teams were stood down at the end of the day with no result. Without further information, it was not feasible to mount a search of the vast area which was accessible from the car's location.