Call Out Date: Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Call Out Time: 3:38 pm

Stood Down Time: 6:15 pm

Team / Agency: Keswick MRT

Full dogs / Local Dogs: Full Dog Team

Search Dogs Involved: Rona, Beck, Meg, Ted

Call Out Details:

Two ladies, aged 68 and 75, called for assistance when they became lost in mist on the Glaramara ridge, couldn’t find a way off and were exhausted

Call Out Conclusion:

Given that conditions were deteriorating, one Team of rescuers with a search dog set off immediately to search up Hind Ghyll, whilst a second group, also with a search dog, set off a bit later to search up from Mountain View towards Combe Ghyll. Shortly after this group got going, the ladies were FOUND by Search Dog Rona near Combe Head. They were helped down to Mountain View, and then driven to their vehicle.
Dog Find – Search Dog Rona