Call Out Date: Sunday, July 31, 2022

Call Out Time: 6:10 am

Stood Down Time: 12:00 pm

Team / Agency: Keswick MRT

Full dogs / Local Dogs: Full

Search Dogs Involved: Search Dogs Broch, Fern, Isla (Air scenting) ; Brock (Trailing)

Call Out Details:

A 59 year old phoned the police on Sat evening to request assistance as he was lost in thick mist on the Caldbeck Fells, but could give no clues as to where he had wandered. With no information to go on, Keswick MRT held off committing to the fell until a clearer picture emerged. On Sunday morning, the police managed to get a rough location of the misper's phone, and then a search plan was put in place. The trailing dog was sent to Burblethwaite to scent an article of clothing and try to locate a direction of travel, and the three other search dogs were given areas to clear, whilst Keswick team members checked paths and building in the area.

Call Out Conclusion:

The gentleman was located at Skiddaw House hostel around 1200 by a member of Keswick MRT, and was then assisted back to his home.