It is with great sadness that we learn today of the death of Search Dog Jake, aged nearly 16,  from his handler Laura Connolly.

Jake and Laura graded in Dec 2008 – fittingly in Buttermere – so they have spent 8 years together as a graded dog team, attached to Cockermouth MRT. Laura, who works as a physiotherapist with a charity, joined the Association as a “dogsbody”, and then decided to train a dog. Jake, who was born to a litter at High Lodore Farm, Borrowdale, entered training in April 2006 when he was two years old. He was always known as “Gentleman Jake” because of his quiet and well behaved manner. Although active in the Association throughout his working life, Jake’s only “find” came comparatively late on, in 2015 on his own turf, Dent, near Egremont.  There’s something about being “in the right place, at the right time” – and this was the first time. He retired from service in November 2016 – after a day’s training in Buttermere – a fitting circular end to a career as a proud Cockermouth dog. We shall miss him.




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