We were delighted to receive an email from a teacher, via Coniston MRT ,explaining how two of her class had been asked to research pet care. This is what she wrote:

“We were discussing pet care & welfare with a couple of my students who volunteer at a local dog rescue centre when we came across your website https://conistonmrt.org.uk/links/ We want to say thank you for providing this excellent resource of information.
I asked the students to look for information related to the project. Sarah & Lucy found this interesting page about the benefits of having an office dog at this time when most people are working from home. I am so proud of them for going above and beyond the lesson in finding it!

Here it is- https://www.gardenbuildingsdirect.co.uk/blog/wfh-office-dog-benefits/

I suggested that they share this with you because it had such great information we thought it could be useful to you and your other visitors at this difficult moment. I also want to impress upon the whole class that by reaching out and simply asking others, like yourself, things can be accomplished that the girls might not otherwise think can.”

We are delighted to pass this on – Coniston passed it to us because of our role in using dogs in MRT, but we know that any search dog handler will tell you of the benefits of working with dogs, and having a dog as a companion when the going gets tough, whether it’s on the hill, or in the office!

So all credit to Ms Jones class

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